Effective March 19th, all LFSRM offices are operating remotely.

Staff is still assisting clients, to reach a staff member located in our Albuquerque Office click here. For a list of community resources available in New Mexico click here.

At LFSRM, we have a variety of ways you can volunteer to help refugees. Whether it be working closely with refugee families, office assistance, or participating in one of our programs, we offer an array of opportunities suited to your specific preferences. We have five offices in the Rocky Mountain region, each with individual needs.

volunteer to help refugees

Cultural Mentoring

Our Cultural Mentoring and Exchange program gives you the opportunity to work directly with the refugees we serve. This is a six month commitment in which you will work continuously with a family that has recently arrived into the U.S. During this time you will focus on four key points: Financial Literacy, Employment, Practical Life Skills, and Learning English. You will work on these skills to varying degrees depending on the interests and needs of the family.

The first step to volunteering is attending one of our Refugee 101/Orientation classes.  A background check is required when working off-site with clients. For training schedule, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Sandi Bertholomey at sandi.bertholomey@lfsrm.org.

volunteer to help refugees

If you are interested in exploring different avenues for supporting and assisting refugees, we offer a variety of ways that you can utilize your time as a volunteer:
On-Call Volunteer: Receive email correspondence about one time, or short-term opportunities to volunteer.
Office Volunteer: We always need help around the office. We have opportunities to volunteer with our case management, employment, and specialized program departments.

Refugee Program Internships and Contractor Positions

An internship at LFSRM offers the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of refugee resettlement in the area. Interns will work with individuals from diverse cultures who are forging new beginnings in the United States. Challenging, educational and professional work experience will be gained through professional training and real work assignments that will provide valuable insight to the worlds of refugee resettlement and non-profit organizations. At times, interns will work closely with staff members, and other times independently, managing a workload comparable to LFSRM staff with the goal of helping advance the mission of LFSRM. Internships are integrated into the operations at LFSRM to help build the capacity of the organization while utilizing the diverse skills and talents of the interns. We greatly value the time commitment of each intern.
Summer School Teacher
Summer School Aide
Summer School Intern

In-Home Tutoring

volunteer to help refugeesOur In-Home Tutoring program matches volunteers in a one-on-one relationship with a high school aged refugee youth. This is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with refugee youth who may be struggling academically due to previous limited schooling or gaps in education. Challenges range from basic literacy to subject competency, so the assistance you provide may vary based on need, yet is undeniably instrumental in their overall success in school. The minimum time commitment for this program is one hour/week for the duration of the semester. Experience working with youth or in education preferred, but not required.

Special Programs Volunteers

volunteer to help refugees

Volunteers are needed for mentoring in the following programs.  Volunteers are required to attend the Refugee 101 training and complete a background check.

New American Pathways program aims to enhance the skills of refugee and immigrant workers in the service sector and connect them with potential employers. If you would like to help develop/lead any of the workshops, your skills and expertise are certainly welcome!  For more information please contact Carla Passos-Morgan at carla.passos-morgan@lfsrm.org or 505.835.5528 for more information.

Refugee Youth Career Pathways program helps enable young refugees between the ages of 16-24 achieve self-sufficiency by obtaining the necessary credentials, education, experience, and job skills to secure employment in professional and/or skilled career fields. The program teaches refugee participants about career pathways and helps to create personalized career development plans. Additionally, the program provides the necessary training and technical assistance for participants to overcome obstacles. For more information please contact Ginger Anderson at ginger.anderson@lfsrm.org or 505.835.5530.

Intensive Case Management program assists individuals in taking steps to reach self-sufficiency by developing a goal-oriented plan and connections to community resources, on-on-one mentors, wellness support, and extended cultural orientation workshops that address specific client challenges. For more information please contact us at info@lfsrm.org.

The Survivors of Torture Program is a holistic, community engagement program that exists to work with refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers who have been subjected to torture prior to arriving in the United States. The program facilitates physical and mental health care, as well as provides pro bono legal assistance to clients. Additionally, clients have the opportunity to participate in support groups with other survivors of torture in order to engage in community and social events that promote safe and trusting relationships with each other and with their broader communities. For more information please contact Julia Montany at julia.montany@lfsrm.org or 505.835.5525.

volunteer to help refugeesDonations

We always need help with fundraising and other financial assistance. If you cannot donate your time, but still want to participate in assisting refugees in the community, consider the following opportunities ways contribute:
Co-Sponsorship: Help ease the tough cost of living by contributing $1,000 towards first month’s rent for a refugee family.
Fundraising: We can always use help raising funds to help refugee families.
Gift Cards: One awesome and simple way to help refugees, while giving them some choice in what they get, is to collect gift cards! For donation and basket/bin information please click here.

Employment Services