Board of Trustees

The Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains Foundation encourages, receives, holds, and manages gifts, bequests, and other planned and immediate gifts, so that the principal is protected in perpetuity and the interest earnings from these assets can be distributed to provide annual support for the programs and services of LFSRM.

The Board of Trustees of the Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains Foundation directs the general management of the Foundation’s affairs. Staff support to the Foundation is provided by the Vice President of Resource Development and the Vice President of Finance & Administration.


Chair: Greg Bickle
Vice-Chair: Karen Spies
Secretary/Treasurer: Tom Brook

Dr. William Ayen Retired Instructor
Mr. Greg Bickle Financial Representative
Mr. Tom Brook Contractual Fractional Services Management
Mr. Joe DesJardin Civil Engineer
Mr. Don Filegar Retired Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Keith LaShier Real Estate Consultant
Ms. Jeanne Maloney Retired
Ms. Karen Spies Author

Ex-Officio Trustee

James Horan President & CEO – LFSRM

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