Refugee FAQs

According to the United Nations, a refugee is a person who has fled his/her country due to a well-founded fear of persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social or political group. Refugee status is granted through the U.S. Department of State. For more information on the refugee resettlement process, visit the Office of Refugee Resettlement website.

Like a refugee, an asylee is also a person who has left his/her country and is afraid to go home due to a well-founded fear of persecution having to do with his/her race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social or political group. Unlike refugees, who receive this immigration status from the State Department prior to their arrival in the U.S., individuals seeking asylum apply and are granted this status when they have already in the U.S.

Since 1978, LFSRM has served people from over 40 countries including Bhutan, Burma, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, and Ukraine.

LFSRM receives new refugee arrivals to its offices in Albuquerque, Denver, Colorado Springs, Greeley, and Las Cruces. Collectively, LFSRM has served refugees throughout the Rocky Mountain region, extending west to the mountain resort communities, east to Nebraska panhandle, and as far north as Montana.

LFSRM Refugee and Asylee Programs provide the following services, for refugees within up to five years of their date of arrival to the U.S:

Provide one-time housing placement assistance to newly-arrived refugees

Case Management
Support refugees as they navigate new systems in the U.S., especially within their first year of arrival

Employment Services
Help refugees prepare, keep, and excel at their first job in the U.S.

Community Services
Develop specialized neighborhood-based programs responding to the needs of newly-arrived refugees

Community Work Experience Programs
Prepare job-seeking refugees for employment through work experience opportunities at local businesses and vocational training courses

School Programs
Strengthen refugee children’s success in school through school-based enrichment programs and summer language camp

Women’s Empowerment Programs
Empower women through a variety of programs including microenterprise, life skills care groups, and financial education training

Immigration Legal Services
Help with applications for family reunification, citizenship and other limited services

All refugees and asylees are eligible to work based on their status. For more information, please see:

There are lots of ways to support refugees. Please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at your closest location to learn about current opportunities.

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