Beyond the Plate: Finding Refuge Through Food

Beyond the Plate is a vocational culinary training program designed to prepare refugees and asylees for a career in the food service or business. The program allows aspiring refugee chefs to share their expertise through a series of cooking classes, by selling their prepared foods at local markets, and by providing catering services within the Albuquerque community.

In addition to the services that chef participants provide to the public, they also participate in ongoing vocational and culinary training courses and workshops, business classes, and ESL classes. Through this program, refugees and asylees have the opportunity to gain job skills, work experience, and English acquisition needed in order to be prepared for the workforce or to start their own food business.

Catering Services

Our Beyond the Plate program also offers catering services for events. For more information please send us an email or call (505) 933-7032.

Food Markets

Food from our Beyond the Plate chefs can also be found at various food markets throughout the city. If you are looking to pick up dinner or try new foods check our calendar or follow us on Facebook for market dates and locations.