Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling Staff

Ashley Spaulding

Ashley is an intern at LFSRM. She recently moved to Colorado from Chicago where she worked in special education. Ashley graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan in 2016. She’s currently in graduate school at Aurora University and will graduate with her Master’s in Social Work in December of 2019. Ashley hopes to spend her Social Work career working with children and families. In her free time, Ashley loves exploring Colorado with her husband and their Golden Retriever puppy.

Leyah Terrones

Leyah joined LFSRM as a Pregnancy Counselor in July 2019. Leyah’s passion is to help individuals experiencing an unintended pregnancy. Prior to joining LFSRM, she also worked with families experiencing homelessness. Leyah recently graduated from the University of Denver with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is currently working towards obtaining licensure. Leyah enjoys spending time with her two cats or visiting with family/friends. She is a Colorado native (born in Colorado Springs) and has been in the Denver metro area for the last 7 years.

Renee Teague

Renee Teague is the Program Director for the Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling program. She has been working in the adoption field for many years and joined LFS in 2011. Renee loves working with her staff and adoptive families. She lives in Denver and enjoys spending time with her two teenage daughters

Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll is the Adoption and Family Counselor for LFS in Colorado Springs. She has a Masters of Social Work degree and has worked at LFS since 2012. Amy has experience with domestic adoption, international adoption, and designated adoption. Amy lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and three children.

Emily Frank

Emily Frank has been an Adoption and Family Counselor at LFS since 2010. She has experience helping families with domestic, designated, and international adoption, and is a placement supervisor. She feels lucky that every day she gets to help families grow through adoption. Emily lives in Englewood with her husband and her two dogs, Mac and Leela.

Talia Gildner

Talia Gildner is a Pregnancy Counselor with LFS. She also helps to coordinate the Search and Reunion Program. Prior to working at LFS, she worked with expectant parents at an adoption agency in Minnesota. She lives in Littleton with her husband and enjoys the outdoors

Danna Gladen

Danna Gladen is the ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) Coordinator for non-public and International adoptions, and has been at Lutheran Family Services for three years. She holds a Masters degree in Social Work, and loves being a member of the LFS team

Jessica Watts

Jessica joined LFS in 2018 as a Pregnancy Counselor. She is grateful to be able to do work she truly believes in and for the all the expectant parents that invite her to share in their stories and strength. As a pregnancy counselor it is her role to ensure each person she works with is educated about the different options that are available so they can make the best decision for them. She understands the challenges many expectant parents face and strives to provide unconditional support to each family.