Julie and Jeff

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you for taking the time to look at our book and consider us as prospective adoptive parents. We know that this decision is incredibly complicated and you are likely very overwhelmed with the options presented to you. We understand if you have many questions and are not entirely sure. No parent has all the answers. Adoption is a tremendous gift to the receiving couple, but does not come without a lot of emotions on both sides. We hope to foster a positive relationship with you and provide you the peace of mind you seek not only in your decision-making process, but also down the road as your child ages.

Given that we have been together for 15+ years while navigating some of the most difficult challenges in life, we are confident that our relationship maturity and years of building our communication skills will help as we enter parenthood. We want your child to explore their cultural heritage, continue to be connected to you (if desired), and remember how deeply loved they will always be. We promise to show them how to experience joy in life and allow them to blossom into who they are here to be.

Jeff and Julie

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