Foster Care Resources

Foster parents are important partners in foster care. Not only do you provide shelter but you also care for, nurture, and support the children temporarily in your care. Additionally, you may provide mentoring and guidance to new foster families or foster-to-adopt families. The resources below provide information on supports for foster parents, the fundamentals of parenting children in foster care, working together with birth families, and adopting a child from foster child. These resources are aimed at helping you succeed in this critical role.

Adventure Dental & Vision – General Dentistry, Vision and Orthodontic Care for infants, children and teens.

CDHS Training Site – Under “Learning Experiences” and “In-Service Opportunities,” find trainings for foster parents.

Clothes for Kids – Parents and caregivers can request wardrobe for children ages 3-21.

Colorado Car Seat Laws – Colorado car seat laws, installation tips, finding the proper car seat, information and support.

Colorado Department of Human Services – Child Care Rules & Regulations.

Colorado State Foster Parent Association – Resources for training and education, child welfare legislation, and links to other resources in Colorado.

Daycare Locator – Locate daycare/preschool/before and after school/summer programs based on zip code and need.

Foster Source – Trainings, request respite or items needed for children in foster care..

Helping Children Through Grief - What do you do when a foster child is returning home?

Medicaid Provider Locator – Locate doctors and dentists based on zip code.

Rules and Regs – CCR 2509-8   Go to 7.708 Rules Regulating Family Foster Care Homes.

SAFE Home Studies – Information on SAFE home studies, the methodology used by LFSRM.

Short Trainings on Mental Health – Presented by Mindspring Health.

WIC – Find your local WIC office, get additional program information.

Websites Approved for Online Training for Foster Parents