We offer one-time workshops or a series of workshops on various wellness topics such as stress management, self-compassion, self-care, resiliency, and more.  These workshops can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your community. We can also provide organizational wellness assessments. All workshops are FREE and are available virtually or in-person with COVID-19 guidelines.

Organizational Wellness

Stress Management

self-compassion – Our Self Compassion Workshop explores the three components of self compassion: mindfulness, self-kindness, and common humanity.

self-care – Our Self Care Workshop explores different strategies for finding self care strategies that you can incorporate daily and build for long term wellness goals.

Workplace resiliency – Our Workplace Resiliency Workshop explores how teams can collectively process stress and challenging experiences by strengthening connections, celebrating wins and successful adaptations, and creating new plans to implement wellness.

Parents/Caregivers – Our Parenting Workshop focuses on new approaches to parenting during uncertain times that focus on creating normalcy and building resiliency.

Students – Our Student workshops are available for any ages and focus on how to manage stress while juggling school and home life, time management, setting boundaries, and conflict resolution.