Sylvester and Susan

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We came from different parts of the world but met on a soccer field in Colorado. Even with such different backgrounds and experiences, we have so much in common. We both have a love for children, traveling, education, and helping others. Since the day we met, we’ve talked about starting a family together. We always wanted to adopt. We also wanted to have a biological child. After 4 years dealing with infertility, we realized it was time to start the adoption process. We are so excited to add to our family. Sylvester is a natural with children. He has a genuine love for people and is very patient. Susan has a heart for children. She has devoted her life to teaching and mentoring them. She has also built a relationship with her friend’s children and the children in the neighborhood.

We have been learning more about open adoption and all the ways to make it successful. We continue to pray for the brave expectant mothers out there and the one that decides to pick our family. We look forward to having the birth mother be a part of their child’s life through phone calls, emails, and visits. We feel that the mother will help lead us in this plan.

We both love playing and watching soccer. We also love to travel. Susan is an elementary school teacher. She plans on staying home for at least the 1st year after adoption. She’s looking forward to walking to the library for story hour and going to swim classes. She loves to volunteer, travel, read, organic gardening, and be outdoors. She loves all water sports. Susan was born in England but grew up in Michigan. Most of her extended family now lives in Texas. Sylvester is in law enforcement and also in the National Guard. Sylvester was born in Kenya. His mother and brother still live in Kenya. He speaks 5 languages (English, Swahili, Dholuo, Hindi, and some Arabic). He has traveled a lot and has an understanding of many cultures. He plays the guitar and occasionally helps with music at our church. He loves running, playing and watching sports, and working with children. He helps with the high school youth group and volunteers in Susan’s classroom. A couple years ago he coached high school soccer.

We have a great network of family and friends that are excited to be a part of our future child’s life.

Sylvester and Susan