Shawn and Samantha

Categories: Parent Profiles

Dear expecting Mother/Father and Family,

We would like to thank you for your selfless act of kindness in considering adoption. We are also grateful to be considered for your child’s adoptive parents. We have been happily married for two wonderful years and have been together for ten years; we do not have any children yet but are extremely excited to have a little one in our home soon.

Since we have been together, it has been our dream to be parents. Through the years we have thought long and hard about having biological children. Because we are unable to, we have decided to go the adoption route since Shawn and his sister were adopted themselves; Shawn at age two and his sister at birth.

We, as a family, have chosen open adoption. We want our child to have as many opportunities as possible with both their biological side, as well as their adopted side, through life’s amazing journey.

You have created a new beautiful life that we are not able to create ourselves and for that we are eternally grateful. We now have the opportunity to complete our dream of being parents. The process of open adoption would not be possible if it were not for your tough decisions and selfless choice that will make our dream come true someday. We marvel at your strength and courage and will always convey that to our child. They will be reminded everyday that you love them and gave us the gift of being loving and supportive parents to them.

Thank you for your consideration, and please know we will welcome & love your beautiful gift unconditionally.

With open arms and hearts,
Shawn and Samantha Falk