Baskets, Bins & Donations for Refugees

Please call your nearest office to confirm their current donation needs. Thank you!

Denver: 303-980-5400
Colorado Springs: 719-314-0737
Greeley: 970-336-2203 or visit our Amazon Wish List for client needs in the Greeley area.
Albuquerque: 505-933-7032

To make a financial donation click the link below:

monetary donation

Constructing baskets & bins for newly arrived refugees is a fun and effective way to get involved. Without the help of our volunteers, refugee families would have to pay for these items on their own upon arriving in Colorado or New Mexico. Providing them with supplies they need immediately, helps refugees on a path towards financial stability.

Types of baskets & bins we need:

Welcome Baskets – Given to newly arrived refugees and refugee families. If you’re interested in creating a basket in the Albuquerque area click here.

Apartment Bins – Provide refugees with basic items required upon their arrival. If you’re interested in creating a bin in Denver click here, or in Albuquerque click here.

Baby Baskets – These baskets provide newly arrived refugees who are expecting or have recently had a child. If you’re interested in creating a basket in Denver click here, in Albuquerque click here.

Hygiene Baskets – Provide refugees with the basic hygiene items needed when they first arrive to Colorado or New Mexico. If you’re interested in making a basket in Denver click here, in Albuquerque click here.

Bus Passes – Newly arrived refugees rely on public transportation to get around. Donated bus passes or booklets help a refugee attend ESL classes or get to work. Contact your local office to determine which type of pass is most beneficial in your area.

Gift Cards – A $20 gift card can be a life-line for a refugee waiting for their first paycheck. Contact your local office for a list of stores most beneficial in your area.

Other Items – We rely on donations of gently used items from the community to be able to give refugees a warm welcome! We do pickups for furniture, but please understand that we are a small operation and we generally are not able to pick up with short notice and on the weekend. Please click on your closest location below for a list of accepted items. Click on the location near you for a list of accepted items:

Colorado Springs
Greeley – The Northern Colorado Refugee office located in Greeley is currently only accepting items through our Amazon Wish list, as well as financial donations or gift cards to Walmart or King Soopers. This office does not have the capacity to store other items at this time. Please contact Noah Bagley with any questions or for other ways to be involved: or 303-345-4567.