TBRI® Training FAQs

How do I register?
Please click here to register.

I’m not officially certified as an LFSRM foster parent yet, but am in the pre-certification process, may I still attend?

Yes. Please note this training is NOT a substitute for the State required 27 hours of specific pre-certification training. This also does not apply to future training hours needed to maintain foster home certification if you are not currently certified.

What if it isn’t feasible for me to attend the in-person sections?
Talk to your case manager or LFSRM licensing contact to brainstorm on barriers and then we can see if there is a way for us to make accommodations so you are able to attend.

Is childcare provided?
We are unable to provide childcare. If this is a barrier for attendance, please speak to your case manager about strategies.

Is lunch provided during the in-person segment?
Yes, boxed lunches, snacks and water will be provided.

What if I have attended module 1 or 2 of TBRI®, do I have to attend all the sessions?
If you have already completed some of the TBRI® modules, let your case manager know and they will contact the TBRI® Practitioner to let them know you will be attending the sessions you need to complete. Please note, if you have attended other modules aprt from LFSRM, you will need to show proof of attendance.

May I skip a day?
The modules are taught in a sequential manner and must be taken in sequence. Once you miss a part, you cannot take the subsequent parts until the missed section is completed.

How many training hours will I get for this?
Each module is worth 6 training credits and there are four modules covered for this time period totally 24 training credits.

What if I registered and something comes up and I need to cancel?
Please contact your case manager or licensing contact and let them know. They will let the person tracking registrations know you need to cancel.

Where do we park?
There is free 2 hour parking immediately outside the building at 1035 Osage St. There is free all day parking about 2-3 blocks away from the building. There are limited number of parking spots in the parking garage. LFSRM guests must only park in the spots on the 5th or 6th floor that are labeled for LFSRM. It is $4 a day to park in the garage. If there are no open LFSRM spots, street parking is the only option.

How do I access the suite?
Please wait in the first floor lobby area and an LFSRM staff member will bring everyone up to the suite located on the 8th floor.