STEP (Teen Foster Care)

About STEP

STEP, the teen-focused foster care arm of Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, trains foster families to help transition teens in foster care into adulthood. Teens in foster care are among the most vulnerable youth in our community. For this reason, our STEP program assists teens in foster care and their foster families with their transition to independence.

“Being a foster parent is hard, but being in foster care is harder.”

-LFSRM foster parent

As a partner and resource for teens in the child welfare system, STEP teaches successful habits by placing teens in supportive foster homes and gradually increasing their responsibilities. This includes completing chores, earning an allowance and potentially getting a job, all in the hopes of helping move the teens toward supported independence.

Fostering Teens through Step teen-focused foster care


How STEP works

Step 1: Increased Responsibilities to Build Independence

  • There are two ways teens can enter the STEP program:
    • Initial placement of teens aged 14-17 in LFSRM foster care
    • Teens already in LFSRM foster care begin the program when they turn 14
  • Once in the program, teens are increasingly given responsibilities in their personal lives and around the house
  • Foster families are given tool kits, support resources, and guidance designed to help them delegate responsibilities and navigate the additional stressors that can accompany the placement of a teenager

Step 2: Interdependent Foster Living

  • Teens, ages 16 –18
  • The level of responsibility given to foster teens continues to increase, as a result preparing them to navigate the world outside of the foster care system

Step 3: Family-Supported Independent Living

  • Ages 18+
  • Now young adults, they may be afforded the opportunity to live in independent housing, with the understanding that their foster family and LFSRM will remain involved to support them and provide guidance

program benefits

  • Increasing responsibility for teens parallels the “real world”
  • Assistance securing independent housing with ongoing supportive services for teens therefore reducing the probability that STEP teens emancipating from foster care will experience homelessness
  • Continued support for both teens and families helps them navigate the challenges of adolescence
  • Support after teens turn 18 ensures they know they have accessible and dependable resources

LFSRM is here for you every step of the way

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