Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains hosts monthly foster care support and adoption support groups. Through these groups you can earn two (2) hours of training per group meeting attended. LFSRM also hosts Rules and Regulation trainings twice a year (April and October.)  Foster parents MUST attend a Rules and Regulations training at least once during their licensure year.

Training Resources

► Face-to-Face

Adoption Exchange:
Support Groups
You will find a list training topics offered at the Adoption Exchange. The trainings are not listed on the their calendar. Recommended trainings include “Becoming a Regulated Parent” and TBRI trainings.
Foster Source
CDHS Website (Look under “Find A Class” and “Regional Training Centers.”)

►Online Training, Books, and Videos

Online Training
Prudent Parenting – Required once per year.
The Connected Child – Karyn Purvis
The Whole Brain Child – Dan Siegel
No Drama Discipline – Dan Siegel
Attaching in Adoption – Deborah Gray
Another Place at the Table
Children’s Book List
Various Articles
Empowered to Connect
Youtube – Dan Siegeil
Youtube – Karyn Purvis
“The Body Keeps Score” – Dr. Van Der Kolk (Dr. Van Der Kolk YouTube videos.)
Ted Talks Podcasts (Here is an example of a training podcast)
Refugee Trainings
Wednesday Webinars – Trainings cost $5 each and are held on Wednesday afternoons for 30 minutes.
Adoption Exchange