Our Denver office is currently in need of volunteers for the following positions:

► Foster Family Drivers – Drivers assist foster families by driving children to appointments or to school. Drivers must be 18 with a valid driver’s license, vehicle and insurance.

► Foster Family Sitters – Sitters help provide foster parents with short-term child care.

► Office Volunteer – Help with filing, working at events, and more.

► Mentor or Tutor – Become a mentor or tutor for a child in foster care and make the difference of a lifetime for children in need of permanency.

► Foster Care Provider – Provide a temporary home to a young person in foster care and help restore hope as they wait to reunite with their families.

A background check is required for all volunteer positions working with children. Volunteers are responsible for the cost of the background check.

For more information and to obtain the background check form, please submit the following information:

Foster Care Volunteer Denver