Designated Adoption FAQs

The birth mother is already seeing a therapist. Can they do the relinquishment counseling?

No. Colorado law states counseling must be completed by a pregnancy counselor in a licensed Child Placement Agency or by a Department of Social Services worker.

We already have an approved home study done by a county DSS. Can we transfer that to you?

We may be able to use your study but we would need to update it for the purposes of this child. Let your county worker know you are pursuing a designated adoption and request they send the study to LFSRM.

What if the birth mom changes her mind after giving birth?

Until the legal process is complete, it is the biological mother’s right to have a change of heart.  It is often devastating to your family however, you will be working with your adoption counselor who will be able to help you deal with your grief.

Do we get a refund if there is a change of heart?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds since the process is for the services, not for the placement of a child.  In the event you wish to pursue another adoption, your home study and classes are still valid.

How can we pay for this?

We understand that the fees can be significant because of this we can work with your family to come up with a payment plan if necessary. Check with your employer about adoption benefits.  There are also grants and adoption specific loans. After finalization, there is an adoption tax credit per child.

Do we need an attorney?

You do not need an attorney to complete the relinquishment and termination of parental rights of the birth parents.  However, you are encouraged to hire an attorney if you have questions about the adoption laws in Colorado.

What if the biological father disagrees with the adoption plan?

Fathers have the same right to parent as the mother and if he goes through the legal process to contest the adoption and is able to care for the child, the court will most likely give him custody.

 What if the birth mother just doesn’t disclose the father’s name?

Our pregnancy counselors are aware of the rights of birth fathers and work with the biological mother to disclose any potential fathers.   If the father finds out about his child after the adoption is underway, he will most likely be able to claim the rights to his child and may result in a costly court case, both financially and emotionally.

The birth mom is requesting money directly from us. Can we help her out?

It is important that you not give any money or gifts to a birth family without going through an agency.  Colorado law has restrictions on what can be reimbursed and giving money may be viewed as coercion and may affect the relinquishment.  Let us know if there are things they need because we can help.

What are approved birth parent expenses?

Expenses vary from client to client but the majority of our expectant parents have no expenses.  However, some women may need assistance with food, clothing, transportation, cell phone or living expenses.

Do we receive reimbursement if there is a change of heart and mom decides to parent?

No.  Pregnancy expenses paid to a client are not reimbursable.

Will a criminal issue affect my ability to adopt?

We understand everyone makes mistakes and most issues will not deny your ability to adopt.  Prior to  applying, call someone on our team to talk over the incident.