Nick and Faith

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Hi There!  We are Nick, Faith, August & Miles Blank,

Thank you for taking the time to look over our book and to get to know us.  We admire your courage through this process, and it is our hope that you find in us a companion through it all.

We believe that open adoption allows for us to grow our family in two ways: by giving us the honor of raising another sweet child, and by incorporating you and members of your family into our own.  We are both from large families and definitely agree with the phrase “The more, the merrier”!  If our families are good at one thing, it is throwing a party.  Milestones are always celebrated, and there is always too much food, but never too much good company.  By joining our family through this baby, we hope that you will feel welcome and comfortable to join us in all of our celebrations.

Our son, August, was born three months early and spent the first quarter year of his life in an incubator at the hospital.  During this time, we were allowed to visit for as long as we liked, but we couldn’t always hold him, or feed him, or be the parents that we wanted to be.  What got us through is that we knew it wouldn’t be forever.  That is how we feel about open adoption.  No one has to say goodbye forever.

At the end of 2014, we welcomed our second child, Miles.  Through it all, we quickly realized that Faith needed to be home full-time with both boys to help create a nurturing environment.  This year, however, it was apparent that our children were ready for an environment that facilitates learning and social interactions.  They just finished up their first full year at Colorado Christian Montessori where they both thrived.  Faith teaches online and that allows for a great deal of flexibility that ensures our children can always come first.  The new baby will have these same opportunities.

We both grew up in the church: Faith’s dad is an evangelical pastor and Nick has been raised in the Catholic Church.  When we moved to Denver, we struck out on our own to find a church that fit with our belief system.  We found Montview Presbyterian.  Our faith is strengthened through questioning and learning of the Bible, its teachings, and how they relate to the world today.  Montview is a church community with a focus on learning and not just following: this is our goal for the faith of our children.

The best thing about our marriage is how much we laugh; we both think the other person is a lot of fun.  We are also both creators -we always have a project and are trying to better our home, or our yard, or the garden.  It is fun to come up with an idea and know that the other is going to jump onboard and start turning the idea into a plan.  We feel that this is a vital concept to model for our children – laughter is as essential as hard work.

Thank you again for looking through our book and we look forward to meeting you.

-Nick, Faith, August & Miles Blank