Mike, Jen, and L.J.

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Dear Expecting Mom/Dad/Family,

Hi. On behalf of our family – we are extremely grateful that you are considering adoption and considering us as adoptive parents. As we learn more about one another we hope that it will give you an insight into the life that we have built together and the family we wish to welcome your child into.

We are blessed with one son, Landon, who is Jen’s biological child from her previous marriage. He lives with us the majority of the time and Mike is “dad” to him. We both love being parents & want to raise a baby together and would want nothing more than for L.J. to have the sibling he’s always wanted. He will be an amazing big brother.

Since we have been together, our dream has been to grow our family. Regrettably, we have struggled with infertility. Most recently, following two miscarriages, we made the collective decision to not continue with IVF.

Thru open adoption – We feel very fortunate to someday realize our dream. While openness will look different for each birth parent & adoptive family, it can be an exceptional and beautiful journey that can flourish for a lifetime – for us as parents, but most importantly for the child.

You have created a beautiful new life. You are a mother. We cannot begin to know the decisions you face but your choice has kept our dream alive. We admire your strength, beauty and courage and will always convey that grace to our child. They will know they are loved by you and will hopefully have you as a part of their lives.

Thank you for considering us – know that we will welcome & love your child unconditionally, with all of our hearts.

All of our best.

Love – Mike, Jen & L.J.