Matt, Mike, and Colton

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Thank you,
We are sure that this must be the hardest decision you have ever made and for that we commend you. We are sure the only thing you want for your child is the very best and we deeply respect the courage and love it takes for you to make this decision. We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to provide a wonderful, meaningful and stable life for this amazing little person should you entrust us with that gift!

Our names are Matt and Mike. We live in Aurora, Colorado in a beautiful three bedroom home with a big back yard. We live in a wonderful neighborhood that is full of families with children of all ages and has great schools and parks nearby.

After trying for several years to conceive a child through a surrogate, we felt this was not the end of our journey to be parents, but just another door we needed to open. We quickly researched adoption and after nearly two years of waiting, we were matched with Becky, the birth mother of our son, Colton. We had an immediate connection with Becky and that connection continues to this day, two years later.

Colton has been a great source of joy in our lives. During the summer we love to go camping, exploring our backyard and swimming in our pool. We also love traveling. The most important thing to us is family and we always make that a priority. We have a niece and three nephews that live in the local area and we are excited for our children to grow up with them. We have two dogs named Noel, Gracie Mae, along with our cat Lola. They all love children and cannot wait to meet the new addition to our family.

We have been together for 18 years and were married in 2008 while living in California. We have a strong marriage and are each other’s best friends. We laugh and giggle a lot and complement each other in every way. We have many great friends that we enjoy sharing our time with and enjoy hosting parties, BBQs, and dinners with our friends and family.

Again, we want to thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves and assure you we will devote our lives to providing a loving, supportive home for your child.

Matt & Mike