Matt and Alexis

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Thank you for learning more about us.

We have been thinking about having children for many years and have come to this process of adoption with open hearts and great intention.

Alexis at one point asked herself, “Why did I get to survive cancer and why did I, of all people, have such a miraculous recovery?” The answer is a truth to the core of who she is; she believes that with every fiber of this life that, “God kept me here, so I can be a mother.”

We will provide endless love to our child. No matter what challenges lay ahead, our child will never be alone and will always have the love and endless support of this family.

We can only imagine the love and sacrifice it has taken you to come to this process with an open heart. Thank you for having hope.

Whether you choose our family or another, we are so grateful that adoption is part of all our lives. Without having ever met you, you have made our hearts full. Thank you.

With great love,
Matt and Alexis