Marc, Erin, and Isla

Categories: Parent Profiles

marc-and-erin-sqSince we first started the adoption process, we have had many people tell us that they think what we are doing is “amazing” or “important”. What they don’t fully understand is that we are not the courageous or brave ones in this situation— you are. You are the one who is grappling with tough decisions and circumstances. We can only imagine the selflessness & maturity you must have to be thinking so carefully, researching options, and making deliberate decisions.

Our road to adoption began in 2009 when we found out Erin had a health condition that posed serious complications with the onset of pregnancy. She was given the choice of undergoing a risky surgery or adopting. It was an easy decision, and we were immediately drawn to open adoption. Our daughter, Isla, was born in 2012 and we can’t imagine our world without her. Even though pregnancy is now an option (thanks to a successful surgery last year!), adoption is our first choice as we think about raising another child. It may be a less common route to parenthood, but adoption feels not just normal but pretty amazing to us.

One of our favorite aspects of parenting is discovering all the little phrases and expressions kids cycle through as their personality evolves. Isla has many of these expressions right now: “straight away” (as in, let’s go to the park straight away), “thacause” (instead of because), and, our favorite, “I love you no matter what.” And that is the main thing we’d like you to know—we will love this child in big ways and small ways, when it’s easy and when it’s hard, and no matter what.
Thank you for considering us, and we wish you strength and courage and light throughout this process and beyond.

With love,
Marc, Erin, & Isla