LFS Receives Guardianship Program Grant From The Colorado Health Foundation

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Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is pleased to announce it has received a $100,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation for the Older Adults and Caregiver Services Guardianship Program.

The LFS Older Adults and Caregiver Services (OACS) program will begin offering a guardianship program, which will target adults over the age of 55 currently admitted to the hospital without capacity to make their own decisions and without a medical decision-maker available. OACS will partner with hospitals in the Denver metro and Fort Collins areas to reduce the financial burden and impact of patients without the capacity or a decision maker to assist with discharge and long-term care plans. LFS hopes to provide guardianship services for 12 older adult in the first year of the new program.

The Colorado Health Foundation awards grants through a competitive application and review process with a focus on supporting organizations that are improving the health of Coloradans.

To learn more about the OACS Guardianship Program, please contact Carri Ratazzi, OACS Program Director at 970-682-2815 or carri.ratazzi@lfsrm.org.