In partnership with the Colorado Spirit Crisis Counseling Program, our team connects individuals impacted by the COVID – 19 pandemic with quality services and support to help them through the recovery process.

How We Can Help The global panic surrounding COVID-19 can feel overwhelming and stressful. It is normal to be scared, distressed, or angry when facing the unknown as we are still figuring out how COVID-19 will affect our families and our communities. The pandemic has radically changed the way we live, from our work to our learning to our social lives. Our new reality poses a unique set of challenges for all of us. Now more than ever it is essential to take care of our emotional health and well being.

The mission of the Colorado Spirit Program is to assist individuals and communities in recovering from the challenging effects of this pandemic through community-based outreach to offer emotional support, connections to helpful resources and approaches to healthy stress management strategies.

Through this program, we offer:

  • completely anonymous, confidential support at no cost to you
  • help understanding your current situation and reactions
  • techniques to reduce stress and other reactions that are impacting your daily life
  • assistance in reviewing and accessing community resources to help in your recovery
  • guidance to help you develop and utilize healthy coping strategies
  • connecting you with people or other agencies who can help you and your family in your recovery process

We provide these services to individuals and families virtually or by phone.

If you are interested in these services for your group or organization, we can organize team meetings, town hall sessions or other group connections to inform members of these services that are available to them at no cost.  We can also tailor more in-depth group sessions to offer skills to help group members cope with their situations and reactions.

If you live in the City and County of Denver or reside in Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel counties, please contact us at (303) 217-5845 or (970) 232-1147 or email us at for more information on how we can help you navigate the road to recovery.