Laura, Wes, and James

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Dear Expectant Birth Parent(s):

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the three of us.  We recognize this could be the most difficult decision you ever make.  Entrusting your child to be raised by someone else requires an immense amount of bravery, strength, selflessness, and above all else, love.  We will ensure your child knows of your loving choice.  And to the extent you desire, we will facilitate a relationship between you and your child.

Our hearts leap with excitement as we take the steps to grow our family.  We have so much love to give.  We have been married since August 2010, and we have a deep, tender, fun relationship.  We strongly believe children join families in two equal ways: through adoption and biologically.  James joined our family biologically in March 2013.  He has brought so much joy to our lives.  We are so excited to grow our family again, this time through adoption.  James has dreamed about becoming a big brother since he understood the concept.  We look forward to sharing our faith, love of the outdoors, and affinity for celebrating birthdays and holidays.

We feel extremely grateful to be considered.


Wes, Laura, & James