Kyle & Meredee

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We want to thank you for considering an adoption plan for your baby. This can be a special yet difficult time and we want to be there for you and support you in any way that we can.

We are looking forward to being parents and the desire for children has grown much stronger during our 8 years of marriage. After several years without conceiving a baby, it became clear to us that adoption is the way that are meant to grow our family. You would be giving us such a great gift with the opportunity to raise a child through open adoption.

It would be an honor to get to know you and maintain a relationship for years to come, if you wish. We want the best for you and we would like an open adoption at a level that is comfortable for you. We want you to feel at peace with your decision and it’s important to us that our child knows their biological parents, how courageous you are, and why he/she was adopted.

Again, thank you so much for considering an adoption plan for your baby. If you desire, please take the time to look at our profile book and get to know us. We had a lot of fun making it and providing a glimpse of the type of parents we would be to the precious life growing inside you.

With love,

Kyle & Meredee