Jim and Kassie

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Hello, we are Jim & Kassie.

We cannot wait for the next chapter of our lives to begin as we start our little family, and add to our extended family. Having and raising children has always been super important to us and we have always planned on growing our family both biologically and through adoption. While we have experienced our own pain and heartache pursuing biological children, we are honored and excited that you are taking the time to see if we are the right fit for you and your child as we grow our adoptive family. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to get to know you.

In creating this book, our hope is that you will see just a small glimpse of all the love you and your child will receive from us, our family and friends.

We respect your decisions. Know that if we’re the right fit for you and your child, you will both be surrounded by an abundance of love. Our children will always be well cared for in body, mind and spirit. We will make sure they grow up to be well educated, tolerant, loving human beings, exposed to many people, places, and things. Other cultures, languages, religions, music, art, athletics, none of this will be foreign to our children. Foremost though is love – we have an abundance of it, and cannot wait to share.