Jessica and Monty

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jessica-and-monty-sqA note for you…

You have a strong and beautiful spirit; and have been specially chosen to bring a little life into this world… that experience alone is a blessing, enjoy every minute of it! There is no greater gift than that of life. Your choice to grant it and share it with others is so incredibly selfless.

You have a monumental job at hand, growing a baby and choosing a family — no matter which family you choose, the right one will present themselves to you.

There’s no question that you have been challenged, but you have also risen! You should feel so much pride in your decision to choose life… for you have been chosen and you are very special – the strength of your character is truly immeasurable.

We believe you’re an angel sent to deliver and bestow a precious life and share God’s greatest gift of love.

In our hearts we know that the right baby will find its way to us. We’re grateful for your consideration and would feel privileged to have you as a very special member of our family.

May your journey be filled with much love, kindness and support… and that through this experience you come to realize the the strength of your character and the beauty in your soul.

Warmest regards,
Jessica & Monty