Jesse and Thala

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When we got married almost ten years ago, we became each other’s chosen family. A family that is characterized by a deep love, a heart of service and daily doses of laughter. We are looking to extend our chosen family with a beautiful child.

We are praying that you would choose us to be the parents of the precious life growing inside of you. Please know that we, along with our family and friends, are praying for your peace of mind and courage as you make this enormous decision. If you entrust us with your child, they will join a family with a deep Christian faith, a commitment to family and diverse cultural roots from Southern Africa to Oklahoma and across America.

Your gift to us is one that we will be grateful for our entire lives. You will remain in our thoughts as we love and care for the child. There will be a lasting bond between us that will be centered around the needs of the child as the most important person in our circle of adoption.

We look forward to hearing your story and discovering our shared dreams for this child’s future. Please watch our video or visit our website to learn more about us.

Grace and peace,

Jesse and Thala