Jason and Jaime

Categories: Parent Profile

We are so grateful to be considered as potential adoptive parents of your child and are very excited to welcome a baby into our home.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to peek into our lives during this unimaginable time in yours.  We respect and admire your selfless act of considering adoption.

We have been married for over two years of our wonderful eight years together and have enjoyed many adventures and laughs with each other and extended family and friends.  We now look forward to sharing our time, our lives and our love with a child.  It is our hope to bring a child into a life of family gatherings with grandparents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, siblings and cousins, which truly is organized chaos!  Our hopes and dreams for your child is to provide a life of love, compassion, happiness and support.

Though life has presented us with challenges in starting our family, we are thrilled to be creating a family through adoption.  We believe unconditional love, strength and willingness to be open and honest is what makes a family whole.  By embracing open adoption it’s our desire to support a healthy, loving and honest relationship with youWe will encourage an open relationship with you as your child cannot be loved by too many people.  We are looking forward to the relationship that evolves.

Our dream of becoming parents is made possible through your courage and strength in considering adoption and we will forever be grateful.

Enthusiastically waiting with open arms,
Jason and Jaime