Heath and Allison

Categories: Parent Profile

Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We can only imagine you are feeling as if your life is suddenly at a fork in the road. You are faced with a decision you likely never foresaw yourself making.

We can write about all the ways we would parent, show our love, and provide a wonderful life for a child. We do think we will make wonderful parents, but then so would you. You are reading letters and searching through profile books to potentially select adoptive parents for your child. That’s the very definition of love. You are courageous. You are respected.

We understand life’s duality; the moments of intense pain paired with immeasurable joy. Our own path to grow our family has been littered with uncertainty and multiple pivots. The decision to open adopt finally felt like the right fit for our family. The idea that we would be welcoming a child into our life takes our breath away. And then we breathe again, fill our lungs, feel our hearts grow not only for a child, but for you too.

Regardless, if you choose us, if you choose another family or choose to parent, remember to be kind to yourself.

With love and gratitude,
Heath and Allison