Greg, JoAnn and Danica

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Dear Birth Parents,

We are thinking of you during this time when you are looking at adoption as a path towards your child’s future, and we admire your courage, strength, and love on this journey.

We are currently a family of three (plus one dog!), looking forward to another little girl or boy joining us in our home.  Our daughter, Danica, was born into our family through an open adoption in 2014.  She is a happy and energetic little girl, and is so excited to have a little brother or sister!  We believe in raising our children to love and respect their birth parents, and are as supportive of an open adoption relationship as you are.

We enjoy so many things as a family – camping, family walks to the park, getting together with other families and friends, hiking, music, gardening, and so much more.  We believe in providing our children with love, support, kindness, opportunities for learning, and more.

With much love and respect,

Greg, JoAnn, and Danica