Every day, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains serves members of our community most at risk by COVID-19, and we are committed to caring for these groups regardless of the circumstances.

For our OLDER ADULTS who are the most susceptible to this virus, WE ARE THERE to help keep them safe by providing them with care management services, updated health information, and basic grocery items they are unable get themselves during their isolation.

For our REFUGEES who may be overwhelmed by these changes or are recently underemployed in the new workplace, WE ARE THERE to provide them with emergency assistance, housing support, and employment services.

For our FOSTER CARE FAMILIES who are at home with children unable to attend school and running low on resources. WE ARE THERE offering support through continued case management services and providing resources for needed supplies.

We continue to serve these groups, but only with your help. Stand with us as we stand with our clients. Donate today to the LFSRM Emergency Client Support Fund to help us ensure the most vulnerable in our communities have the resources and services they need to get through this trying time.

Your tax-deductible donation helps LFSRM respond to the critical social & emotional needs of tens of thousands of people.

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