Ellie and Kyle

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Dear Expectant Mother and Family,

Extraordinary circumstances have brought us together, and we want you to know how much we admire you. Though you, like us, may be going through a mixture of emotions, we are proud and grateful that your strength and courage have led you to consider our home for your baby.

We are Kyle and Ellie, and we’ve celebrated six years of marriage. Even while dating, we were drawn to adoption as a way to grow our family. Though we thought we’d have a couple biological kids first, after realizing that wouldn’t be possible, we’ve embraced a new plan and are embarking on this journey. We are so excited to be parents, and our family and friends are eager to have a baby join us through adoption.

Faith is an integral part of our lives and deeply informs our perspectives. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to understand their origin story, which is why we look forward to the prospect of an open adoption and the possibility of a relationship with the birth family. No matter what, this baby will know your love for them came first.

We are elated by the chance to help a little human grow into adulthood, supporting and nurturing them, helping them find their gifts and talents, and assisting them to overcome any obstacles together. We both benefited from quality education, fostering a love of learning and exploration. We look forward to instilling these values in our child as we teach them about the world, encouraging creativity and a search for truth, goodness and beauty.

We thank you for choosing life, and pray for wisdom in your decision. We are blessed by a community that continues to pray for you and for us.

With love and gratitude,

Ellie and Kyle