Curtis and Cortney

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Dear Expectant Parents,
Hello. Our names are Curtis and Cortney. We want to start out by saying our hearts go out to you. We can’t even begin to understand the emotions, thoughts, and choices you are facing right now. For what it’s worth, we really want you to know that we truly admire the courage you have, the strength you are showing, and the pure selflessness in contemplating this tough decision. We know that no matter what you decide, it can’t be easy.

Our story starts in high school where we met through a mutual friend. We’ve been inseparable ever since! We have four biological children around which our lives revolve. Both of us have big families and grew up around a lot of love. We felt like we still have a lot of love to give and wanted to expand our family. We have always had a heart for adoption and after looking into our options we knew we would love to expand our family through open adoption! Our relationship with each other and with our children is based on love and respect. We also love to laugh! We use humor to get through the everyday stress of life and to connect with each other and with our children. We can’t wait to meet the new member of our family to share our love and life with.

We live in Monument, Colorado- a smaller town just north of Colorado Springs. Curtis is a software engineer, and Cortney is a part time EMT. Curtis works from home and Cortney only works a few days a month so we feel incredibly lucky that one or both of us is always home. We are fortunate to have very close relationships with our extended families who live near us. We also feel blessed to have never had to use daycare because our families are always willing to help.

It hard to fathom what a difficult choice this must be for you. Please know that your child will be cared for always and surrounded by love in our family. Thank you again for your consideration.

Curtis and Cortney