Dear Friends,
I would like to take a moment to provide you with an important update to Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains’ (LFSRM) response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). When I reached out last week, I observed that developments continue to evolve on a daily and sometimes even hourly basis and that certainly turned out to be the case. Shortly after the update went out, the State of Colorado contacted LFSRM and invited us to assist with the public health response to the coronavirus. Specifically, for LFSRM to provide remote case management services to individuals quarantined in various parts of the state after testing positive for the virus.

Within 24 hours, we reactivated the LFSRM Disaster Response unit and began serving quarantined individuals, starting with a small group that reside outside of Colorado but who must remain here during quarantine and a second group of Colorado residents returning home from a cruise ship. Needs thus far have included help with arranging food/medicine delivery, language and cultural support in understanding quarantine requirements, and in some cases simply lending an understanding ear and reassuring voice to people experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions personally, as the country and world are in the midst of this crisis. We fully anticipate that there will be many additional needs that develop as we begin working with more individuals that find themselves in this situation.

LFSRM Disaster Response has been closely involved in helping Coloradans, New Mexicans and others in times of disaster, including fires, floods, and tornados, with the most recent responses in Northern Colorado, during the High Park Fire and flooding in Larimer County, and in Southern Colorado, with the Waldo Canyon Fire. During these destructive events, LFSRM walks alongside those affected providing a variety of supports such as crisis counseling, vocational services, volunteer and construction management, and in particular case management, our area of focus and specialization.

LFSRM is honored to have been asked and to take a role in the ongoing response to COVID-19. We are committed to serving our communities, neighbors, and fellow Coloradans in such a time of uncertainty and need. Rest assured that even as we take on this new role, LFSRM continues to support the hundreds of vulnerable children and families that we serve throughout the year in the Rocky Mountain region, through services that “heal, strengthen, and provide hope”.
We continue to pray that you, your loved ones, and our communities remain healthy and well as we traverse this crisis together.

James Horan
President & CEO

Stand with us as we stand with our clients. Donate today to the LFSRM Emergency Client Support Fund to help us ensure the most vulnerable in our communities have the resources and services they need to get through this trying time.