Brent and Amanda

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First off, let us tell you we realize this time is potentially a very difficult and confusing time for you as you figure out the best decision for you and your precious baby. We constantly pray for you and the sweet baby through this time. May God bring you peace in your final decision. We think you are brave for making the choice of life for the baby and the potential of an open adoption. We pray for God’s hand in this journey and peace for all involved and that it be His will in the decision you make. We completely respect your wishes for your adoption plan and your future wishes for communication with your child in the future. We appreciate your willingness to get to know us and our story.
Let us share our wishes inside of this adoption journey and how we got to this point in time of choosing adoption. We love each other greatly and our quaint lives very much. This December we celebrated 11 years of marriage. We have always believed we are soulmates and that we were meant to be together.
Our adoption story is composed of loss and heartache, up until now. We have had three miscarriages and a difficult road of infertility, including three years of failed IVFs and IUIs. We have done some serious heart searching and investigating, leading us here to this moment. We have wanted to expand our family and provide a loving home filled with tradition and love for several years now and have dreamt of being a mother and father to a child.
We admire and appreciate your bravery and desire to give us something that we can’t provide of ourselves, parenthood and the ability to raise a child. Thank you for taking time to learn who we are and please know that we will put all of our hearts into this journey of parenthood. We hope you will consider us in giving your child a life surrounded with endless love, care, compassion, and understanding.