Brandon and Joanna

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Dear Friend,

Although we don’t know you, we think of you often and are in awe of the brave love you are showing in considering your options and making the best decision for you. This must be one of the most difficult and emotional times in your life. We know that you want the very best for your child so whatever you are going through, whatever you decide, know that we love and support you in that.

We are Brandon and Joanna Wilkinson. We met in Florida while we were in college and the spark was instant. In 2012, we moved from our home state of Florida to Colorado, drawn by the active lifestyle and mountain living. It is seven years later and we still love it here! We love spending time outdoors together – camping, hiking, exploring. We also enjoy low-key weekends at home with our dog Emma. Emma is an 8 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is sweet, loving, and great with kids.

When we were faced with the reality that we would never be able to have children biologically, adoption felt like a natural way to expand our family. We hope to have an open adoption and build a life-long relationship with our children’s birth families. Family is deeply important to both of us. We love the traditions that our parents have shared with us and look forward to passing them down to our children. We would love to learn about and incorporate traditions from our children’s birth families as well. Our family will be built on the foundation we’ve created in our marriage, one where joy and gratitude are a part of our daily life.

We have spent our marriage going on adventures. We have no doubt that being parents and raising children will be our most exciting and treasured adventure yet. We want you to know that we are ready to love our children unconditionally, to support them with compassion, to honor their birth family’s history, and to share their birth family’s brave love with them.

With Great Love and Appreciation,
Brandon + Joanna