Bill, Penny, and Hunter

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We are Bill, Penny, and Hunter.
Thank you for getting to know us. We want you to know that we think you are brave and strong. We would love to get to know you and be with you in this challenging moment in your life story. Here is our story…

There one was a couple who met right after college He was in the military flying F-16’s and she was a classical flute player and teacher. They both loved the outdoors, adventure, and each other so they got married. They found out they couldn’t ever have biological children so they learned about open adoption, met an amazing birth family, and adopted Hunter. He grew into a smart, funny, kind, boy and they learned how strong love can be.

Then Bill’s job took them to Germany. where he served his county, and Penny served Syrian refugees, and Hunter learned how fun it is to travel and learn new things. From there they went to Jordan where Bill taught Jordanians how to fly F-16’s, Penny learned Arabic, and Hunter learned to SCUBA dive and love the beach. Together, the three of them saw as much of the world as they could, and they learned how big love can be.

Then they returned home to Colorado and bought a cabin in the mountains. There they hiked, fished, laughed and played. Yet it seemed like something was missing. They realized they have more adventures to have, more love to give, and more love to share, maybe with you.